Why You Should Choose a House Extension over Relocation

With living quarters becoming cramped and your family requiring additional space, selling your home and relocating is an obvious conclusion. However, home extensions in Perth and elsewhere inAustralia are on the rise. Why is that? More and more people are discovering that staying where they are planted is more advantageous than moving to a newer, bigger place.Perth House Extensions

Moving Can Cost You in More Ways than One

Selling your home to relocate can cost your family in more ways than you realise. First of all, you all would be leaving the support of your friends behind in the neighbourhood. And if you have children, they likely won’t want to move away from what is comfortable and familiar. Uprooting the entire family can be emotionally trying.

Putting your home up for sale in the real estate market means that you are going to have to spend money anyway for cosmetic changes such as fresh paint and landscaping in order to create a visually appealing residence for potential buyers. You will likely have to hire an inspector to examine your home so that you are aware of any required repairs you must make before the home can be sold. Plus, there are moving expenses, real estate fees and other legalities to deal with which will likely try your patience and your wallet.

Benefits of Extensions and Home Renovations

In Perth and the rest of Australia, adding an extension to your home and making renovations is more beneficial in the long run. You will be able to avoid all of the headaches that moving will entail. Sure, you will have to put up with some inconveniences during construction and remodelling but chances are that with the right professional builder, you would not have to leave your home.

Extensions of the home will not only increase your square footage and living space but will also likely boost overall property values. When the time comes that selling is your only option available, you will reap the benefits of a higher home value as well as a more marketable product.

Here at Next Level Extensions, we will work with you closely to come up with a viable building plan that incorporates the new and improved vision for your home. We will walk you through the entire process of creating a design and obtaining the proper permits through the local government. The confusion is taken out of the entire process so you can focus on the impending changes on your home. Plus, with house extensions, Perth residents like you will enjoy the affordability of renovating your existing home versus dealing with all the headaches that relocation entails.