Is a Home Improvement Loan a Good Idea?

If you are toying between the prospect of buying a bigger house for a bigger mortgage and investing in improvements to your current home, it is a big decision to make. If you are not keen on the idea of moving out, a home improvement can be a great alternative. If your current home feels too small or needs some improvements to make living there more enjoyable or practical for you and your family, home improvements can be a smart option rather than buying a larger and heftier priced home. Aside from making your home much more enjoyable and liveable with a few improvements, it will also help increase the market value of your property.

Perth Home Extensions

Home Improvements

Worried about the costs of a major home improvement such as an additional storey or a home extension? Home renovations can be quite costly, and not all people have the financial capacity to readily invest in a major renovation such as a home extension.

Perth area residents are increasingly looking at home improvement loans to help them reach their goals of acquiring the home they want without having to move and endure associated expenses and upheaval.

Home Improvement Loan Benefits

A home improvement loan could be a good alternative to a bigger mortgage with a new house. Not only will the loan help you get the renovation you want but you are going to have a house with a higher value, too.

Naturally, home loan comes with an interest rate but you will have better chances of gaining back an even greater return for your investment through the appraised market value of your home once the improvements are complete. And you will benefit from a home that suits your lifestyle better as you watch the value of your home increase.

When searching for your loan, shop around for the best rate. When searching for your builder, shop around and you will see that our reputation and process make us an ideal choice for your Perth home extension.

Before you apply for a home loan for a home extension, consider talking to us at Next Level Homes. We would be happy to discuss designs, pricing, and all of your options with you for how you can improve your home with a home extension. Many Perth residents come to us at Next Level Extensions for Perth home extensions. We can do an additional storey or put a main floor home extension on and dramatically increase the amount of space you have in your home.

Perth residents have raved about utilising our single and second storey extensions. There is also our custom new home design and build services, which they highly praised because of our focus on delivering top quality workmanship, right from the start of the construction until the work is completed.

Call us now at (08) 9240 5888 or pay us a visit at We have worked on hundreds of different projects in Perth, and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss what we can do to make your home feel like a bigger, newer house.