Get Approval from Council before Making Structural Changes to a Home

If you are thinking about making a structural improvement to your home with a Perth home extension, it is important to remember that you must seek approval from your local housing council before the construction process begins. If you choose to do business with an experienced Perth home extension builder, they will likely already be familiar with many of the steps in the process.Approval

The First Step of Getting Approval

The first phase of getting the necessary approval is known as Development Application, or DA.  This is where the plans for your alteration are drawn up and presented to Council for their review. In addition to describing the size, location, and style of your intended changes, you must also take into account any zoning laws that are in effect for the area. Finally, you must let the Council know how you intend for the alteration to be used. Once the Council decides that the alteration would be in accordance with current regulations, they will state their approval and construction can begin. However, as you are forming a timeline for your Perth home extension, note that the Council may take an average of 57 days to approve your renovation project.

The Building Construction Certificate

Once approved, you will be issued a Building Construction Certificate, or BCC. This document allows you to legally proceed with your home extension.  The BCC will not be issued until a building surveyor has confirmed that all construction plans are in full compliance with current building codes, and that quality standards will be followed throughout all phases of the process.

In some cases, the need for the building certificate is waived with a Complying Development Certificate, or CDC.  This document signifies consent for the development.  This certificate can be issued by either your local counsel, or an approved certifier.

Selling the Home

There are also considerations if you decide to sell your home after completing the structural changes. If the market value of the improvement is valued over $12,000, and the improvement occurred within 6 years of the sale, the homeowner must purchase home warranty insurance, and must include written documentation for the buyer, which states that the Council approved the structural alteration.

As you can see, many considerations go along with making a structural improvement to a home. For a smooth experience, make sure to seek Council approval at all necessary points in the process. Failure to do so may result in fines, and can result in many unnecessary hassles including a lengthy appeal process.