Consider Renovating Rather than Moving to a New House

Why should you go through the process of renovating your house when you can just pack up your belongings and move on to a new house? Yes, renovating can be cumbersome to deal with during the construction period but there are quite a few downsides to moving to a totally new house.

Downsides could include things such as the cost, disturbance, and the fact that you will need to get accustomed to a new neighbourhood. It is not always the best idea to renovate a house but in many cases, it does make more sense to live where you are rather than moving. Renovations can make a huge difference.
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Here are some signs that you should consider renovating your house instead of selling up:

  • You love the neighbourhood you are in, and moving is a bit like playing roulette. If you like where you live, you might find it makes more sense to make the existing house more comfortable.
  • Your kids are happy at their current home. Moving is not easy on children. Perhaps you are all happy in the house, other than issues with the house’s layout or size. A renovation could fix that.
  • The neighbourhood you are in is projected to grow in terms of value. If your home is in an area that is steadily increasing in demand and value, hanging onto the house for a few more years could be well worth it in terms of return on investment. Some changes, such as a home extension, could make staying very worthwhile.
  • You have already got equity in your home and do not want a huge mortgage.

Selling Soon? Increase the Value

Another popular reason you may want to renovate is that your house will soon be offered in the market and you want to gain a maximum value from the sale. This is frequently the reason for home extensions. For instance, if a Perth home is on a large enough property in a desirable neighbourhood but the house is a small bungalow or is quite out-dated, it could be well worth the cost of home extensions.

Whether you are looking for an investment to increase your financial capability, stay in your family home for as long as you can, renovating can make that house much more liveable. You can add more space, rearrange things around, and have a home that feels like new without having to actually move.

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