4 Hottest Home Renovation and Home Extension Trends in Perth

Home Renovations in Perth

Whether the choice is home renovation or a home extension, four trends have emerged as the hottest in Perth for 2013. Real estate prices are finally beginning to approach their 2010 levels again and a lot of people who would like more living space are opting to upgrade their current homes instead of buying new ones. As a firm that provides both home extensions and home renovations, it is part of our job to keep up on trends, so that we can achieve even better outcomes for our customers. We also have direct experience because we are seeing these trends… [Read More...]

Second Storey Additions Popular in Perth due to Low Interest Rates

Popular Second Storey Additions in Perth

Do you think that a second storey addition for your Perth home would be too costly and difficult to bother with right now? Thanks to the current interest rates, it might be easier and less expensive than you think. The RBA has been doing everything they can in the last year to stimulate the housing market. Their interest rate is at an all-time low and the banks are finally passing the cuts down to their customers. This has, indeed, stimulated the housing market but has also made it a lot more advantageous to add a home extension or a second… [Read More...]

Second Storey Additions Double Your Living Space

Home Extension Projects - Second Storey Addition

As a leading provider of home extensions and second storey additions in Perth and surrounding suburbs, we have watched a lot of satisfied customers marvel at how much living space they added to their homes without having to move. Many have plenty of room on their land and like their current living space. In that case, we recommend a home extension. Home extensions can be completed with very little intrusion on the customer’s lifestyle and add a lot of value to a home. But what if you don’t have that extra space on your land to build out? What if… [Read More...]

Moving vs Home Extensions: Which is the Best Option for Perth Residents?

Home Extension vs Moving Out

When an individual or family outgrows their home, they can basically do one of two things: move into a larger home or get a home extension. Many satisfied Perth residents have chosen to extend their current homes because it is so much easier and so much less expensive. The Stress of Moving There is no way to sugarcoat this: moving causes physical, emotional, temporal and financial stress. The only reason to move is if you really want to live somewhere else. Otherwise, it is best to extend your current home. Why? First of all, moving takes a huge time expenditure.… [Read More...]

Types of Home Extensions for Perth Residents

Home Extensions for Perth Residents

Home extensions, such as second storey additions or home renovations, are becoming increasingly popular in the Perth area. As one of the most popular providers of home extensions in Perth, we have become somewhat of an authority on them. Home extensions provide more room and generally are more cost effective than it would to go to the hassle of moving into a larger home. They are a perfect solution for families that have outgrown their living space, but don’t want to move. We would like to tell you a bit about two families in the Perth area who have decided… [Read More...]

How to Ensure that Your Two-Storey Addition Retains the Character of Your Streetscape or Subdivision

Second Storey Additions Perth

The popularity of second storey additions in Perth means that many homeowners are interested in increasing their living space by adding a second storey to a single storey home. Perth has many homes that represent the history of Australia and showcase architecture that is no longer used when designing a home. These homes and the landscaping surrounding these homes, help bring character to a neighbourhood. There are policies in place that regulate the construction of new home and additions to existing homes. When planning to build an addition to your home, there are some considerations you can take to ensure… [Read More...]

Minor Renovations that Can Make Your Small Home Feel Larger

Home Improvements Perth

It’s not always possible to undertake a large renovation project. Maybe you don’t have the budget or the space to completely redesign your home or add an extension, but there are minor renovations you can do to make a small home feel larger. If you can’t imagine how your home could feel and look larger, have a consultation from a company that specialises in home improvements in Perth. Take Advantage of Windows There’s nothing like being able to see the outside to make the inside feel larger. Take a good look at your home. Are there large areas of wall… [Read More...]

Major Home Renovations Aren’t as Simple as They Appear on TV

Reality television makes hard projects appear simple. Thanks to home renovation shows that give homeowners’ ideas on ways to spruce up a home to increase its value, many people are rushing out to the local hardware store to grab a sledgehammer and some duct tape to begin major home renovations. However, many people end up tackling a job that’s too complex for the average home repairman. This leads to finishing the job with shoddy craftsmanship or having to hire a contractor to finish the job. If you want home improvements in Perth, it’s best to work with competent builders who… [Read More...]

If the Price is Too High for Relocation, Try Renovation

Home Renovation in Perth

Why are so many people choosing home renovations in Perth? Real estate is doing well and the price of housing is on the increase. This could be considered a positive, but the downside is that the cost of moving has gone up as well. When in the past, it may have been more affordable to move if a family wanted to, that vision is becoming less of a reality for families that can no longer afford to move because they cannot afford to purchase a larger home. This phenomenon may make it more difficult for families and people that want… [Read More...]

What Happens If My Neighbour Objects to My Two Storey Addition?

Neighbour Objects

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. You get prepared to build onto your home, only to have your neighbour object to the construction and create a hassle for you. So what do you do if your neighbour starts objecting to your home improvements? Perth, and all of Western Australia, has building design codes for residential properties. These codes dictate what is and isn’t acceptable when building additions or extensions onto an existing home, and regulate the building of brand new homes. In most cases, your builder is familiar with current design codes and won’t recommend any structures that would violate current regulations.… [Read More...]